dot to dot

dot to dot is my favorite 2 am game, connecting my past mistakes, tracing my way to their starting place.  

without an umbrella

life is better lived without an umbrella, because there is no downpour quite like you.

true strength.

counting back from three and starting a brand new day. deleting sad songs, adding “here comes the sun”. convincing yourself to turn the lights on. calling your mom instead of old flames. singing praises in a downpour. placing faith in God again. listening to your heart. doing simple things. moving forward. forgiveness. breathing. you.  ... Continue Reading →

kind sir

tell me, kind sir. how do you count the stars, by constellation or galaxy? where do you keep your heart, on your sleeve or in the dark? where do you watch the storm, from the front porch or in the downpour? on what scale do you dream, from highly probably to utterly impossible things? what... Continue Reading →

kaleidoscope truth

a sense of kaleidoscope truth. shifting patterns of reality. shroud in fragmented honesty. gas lights ignite butterflies. razor tipped wings carve scars inside. you were the boy who never ceased to poeticize how you could not be defined. but, now i  know truth does not shift. it is solidified. kaleidoscopes do not use gas lights.... Continue Reading →

our dance

dance with me in time with the rhyme to the reasons why i love you.   one. when you are near i come undone.   two. how you hold me closer to you.   three. your lips always kiss me gently.   four. your sideways smirk i will adore.   five. never have i felt... Continue Reading →

waves of freedom

waves of freedom crash on anxiety.   step closer to the sea, its waters calling out to me.   cast fear far beyond the shoreline, join a melody to which my heart sings.   shed the past like tears, a skin my soul never fit inside.   wading into my favorite salty lullaby, filled with... Continue Reading →


continue to hold my hand walk with me underneath the cottonwood tree steal my heart from this prairie land   fly me to the edge of the sea by your side i'll stand as if it were planned live our after ever, ever happily

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